A Quick Intro

A quick intro to me. My name is Philip Camilleri. I was born and raised in Malta, and have been coding professionally for nearly two decades. Before that, I can probably say I’d been coding for fun since I was around 12 years old, first on a cutting-edge Atari 130XE with a whopping 128 kilobytes of RAM; then on an Acorn Archimides a3000, before graduating to a “real” computer: an 80186 PC with MS DOS 6. Yes, this was way back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, before the interwebs became popular!

I was educated at Stella Maris College, then St Aloysius College and finally the University of Malta. After graduating uni, I moved to Ohio for a year on an AIESEC internship, then moved around for some time (first to Germany, then to the UK and Italy), before finally setting in the USA.

I started working professionally in software-development / web development back in the late 90’s at Logix Creative, then moved to Vodafone Malta for a couple of years, and then Anvil Software Ltd. In around 2006, I moved to New York and spent 5 years working with ION Trading.

Finally in July 2011, I cofounded a fin-tech company called SmartAsset — a YC S2012 company, and also one of Y-Combinator’s Top 100 companies. Over almost 9 years, SmartAsset has grown to over 120 million visitors per month, a team of over 150 people in NYC and received over $50 million in Venture Capital.

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